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ยท 2 min read

A little less than a year ago, we created the Rooms, competition that can be created for free and with simplicity. It was first reserved to certain organisers. The feedback were very positive so we decided to open the system to the public, but only highlighting the rooms created by the beta organisers, which became the "featured" program.

It is now time to announce the promised and long awaited changes to the featured program. From February 1st, Featured Rooms will undergo a big change in the criteria for obtaining them.

Every month we will generate a ranking of organisers by number of unique players in the previous month, for each region. Organisers in the TOP 5, in each region, will have all their public rooms highlighted on the Play page of our site for the month. If an organiser fails to make the TOP5 next month, he will lose the ability to feature their rooms.

In order to reward the organisers who stay in the TOP5, we are going to set up a system of "temporary retention of access". This system will be simple: If an organiser stays in the TOP5 of his region for 3 consecutive months, his rooms will be put forward for 3 months without any additional condition.

This feature will be monitored and we are listening to your suggestions in the channel #feedback-organizer of our discord server.